How do I sync with ReadCube Papers?

Note that this article refers to the ReadCube (legacy) desktop application. We will be releasing a brand new version of ReadCube Papers for OS X and Windows soon!

The sync process with ReadCube is simple and seamless. 

When you import a PDF into ReadCube a sync automatically begins, sending a copy to your Cloud library which will then be accessible through ReadCube on all of your other devices. On the ReadCube (legacy) desktop application, you will know that a sync is occurring via this icon on the top right of the app:

Please note that a new version of our desktop application is coming soon for OS X and Windows.

When using the web version of ReadCube Papers, you will not see a sync process bar but don't worry! Syncing is constantly happening in the background of the application and anytime you add or remove a reference, add a note, highlight, etc, those changes will sync behind the scenes and be available on your other devices. 

If this is not occurring, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Note that ReadCube Papers was designed for use with our own Cloud service and syncing using a third party service such as Dropbox is strongly discouraged as it may cause library corruption.

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