FAQs about the new ReadCube Papers

Q: What features will be part of the new app?

Built on the latest technologies, ReadCube Papers will feature all the functionality from both the current ReadCube and Papers apps plus additional feature request coming from both communities. Highlights include:

  • Cross-platform support Web (all browsers), Desktop (Mac/PC), Mobile (iOS/Android/Kindle).
  • Unlimited Cloud Article Storage
  • Seamless syncing across devices
Enhanced PDF Viewer
  • Linked inline references
  • Auto-linked supplements
  • Annotation and drawing tools
  • Article metrics (citation counts, Altmetric score, Relative Citation Ratio, and more)
  • High-resolution figure browser
  • Auto-matched article metadata
  • Both list & table library views
  • Customized collections
  • Keywords & tagging
  • Ratings
  • Smart Collections
  • Watch Folders (desktop)
  • File Management (desktop)
  • Built-in search engines
  • Personalized recommendations engine
  • Related article feeds
  • Browser-based web importer (featuring 1-click downloads & proxy support)
  • Smart searches
  • Quick citation generator
  • Full featured Word-compatible Citation tool
  • Citekey support
  • Fully rebuilt and redesigned
  • 8000+ citation styles
  • Supports collaborative writing
  • Easy reference export to other third party tools like Overleaf, EndNote, Manuscripts plus Bibtex

Q: Will the app look more like Papers or ReadCube?
Take a look for yourself, we think it's a great mix of both styles:

Q: Will it be a one time purchase or a subscription?
The new app is available as a subscription service - which means you’ll always be on the latest version and get new features and improvements automatically. Subscribers also receive unlimited article storage in the cloud. Existing ReadCube subscriber accounts will be automatically upgraded. Existing Papers users will receive special upgrade pricing.

Q: How will the upgrade process work?
To upgrade from Papers 3 to the new app your special subscription price will be $36/year. Everyone will get a minimum of 30 days free to test the new app before making a decision.
If you have purchased Papers 3 recently, you will receive an extended trial period on the new app.

Q: What search engines will be supported in the new desktop app?
In the first version, we will have the following engines built in, but will continue to add new databases throughout the year.
Google Scholar

Q: What if I want to stick with Papers 3?
A: Then you can absolutely stick with Papers 3. You won’t be forced to upgrade if you don’t want to. You’ll be able to test out the new version before you make your decision.

Q: Will Papers 3 continue to be supported?
A: While there will be no further feature updates once the new app is released, we will continue to support existing Papers 3 users like we have Papers 2 for critical bugs/updates. This is no different than what was done historically with Papers 1 and 2.

Q: Will the new ReadCube Papers app sync with Dropbox?
A: One of our primary design goals for the next ReadCube Papers app is to be as fast as possible. Dropbox is a fantastic service for generic file storage, but it is not specifically designed with research libraries in mind. In order to achieve our performance and scalability goals, we developed a new cloud infrastructure to meet our requirements: efficient syncing of library metadata and files across multiple apps (Desktop + Mobile) as well as web services to support the new Web Library. We’re pleased to report the new ReadCube Papers Web app will offer nearly all of the features of the Desktop and Mobile apps (including fast search), so you can access your research from any computer.

Q: I have more questions/concerns, who can I talk to?
A: As always, if there is anything you need or question on your mind, drop us a line to ReadCube Papers Support. We’ll get back to you right away.

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