Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.0.8

This update brings back the collection and path columns, Magic Manuscripts support for more apps, improved iOS syncing and inspector editing and a slew of bug fixes.


  • the collections and path columns have now returned
  • manuscripts: added improved support for Omni Outliner3, Evernote,, and Eclipse/Texlipse
  • iOS syncing: added handling of remote removal of publications
  • iOS syncing: added additional safety measures against database corruption during syncing
  • livfe: fixed an issue where the invite and settings buttons would not be shown for collections
  • added additional safety measures against running the same library on two different machines simultaneously
  • added a search field to the help center to directly search the knowledge base
  • read status is now correctly updated through the inspector
  • archived papers no longer show in the unfiled collection
  • after matching the tab title now immediately updates
  • a book chapter now inherits the publication date from its parent book
  • when editing is toggled in the inspector it now selects the info tab and highlights the first item
  • tabbing through the fields of the inspector or typing now forces the inspector to scroll along
  • editing a paper in a smart collection now better preserves selections
  • the inspector now allows editing of capitalization for journals and authors
  • the inspector notes field now supports regular returns to add new lines
  • the RIS exporter now exports the paper URI and PDF path
  • the RIS import now imports the PDF path if present
  • fixed a bug where double-click or enter would no longer open the PDF in the external editor
  • fixed a bug where the content of the window would disappear after closing the main window and bringing it back
  • fixed a bug where exporting as BibTeX would result in two url entries per record
  • fixed a bug where the BibTeX local-url field was incorrectly exported as local_url
  • fixed a bug where inspector edits were lost upon clicking in the authors or editors popup
  • fixed a bug where chapters would not appear in local search results
  • fixed an issue where authors searches for archived papers would fail
  • fixed an issue where tabbing from the title to the authors field would not trigger the author editor popup
  • fixed an issue where new parent books were created for new and imported chapters
  • fixed an issue with processing of spotlight queries
  • fixed an issue where notes were not saved upon quitting Papers2
  • fixed an issue where papers would not show the padlock on secure paypal pages
  • fixed an issue where DOIs were incorrectly extracted from valid URLs in the open location sheet
  • fixed an issue where the word chapter would appear twice in the publication string
  • fixed an issue with the instruction videos not playing in the help center due to Vimeo's incorrect user agent parsing
  • fixed a crash when trying to open the book belong to a chapter from a tab
  • fixed a rare migrations crash in case of coredata problems
  • thumbnails are no longer generate for to prevent issues with their very strict usage limits
  • updated and much improved list of research fields during setup
  • removed some superfluous logging

Papers for iOS

We advise to upgrade to Papers for iOS 1.9.6 if you haven't done so already, this free update is available now in the iTunes App Store.

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