Migrating your references to and from EndNote

This tutorial will walk you through how to migrate your references to and from EndNote.

Exporting from EndNote

  • Open the EndNote library you want to export. You can either export the entire library or just select references from this library.

  • Click on 'File' then 'Export'.


  • Select the location and name the file you want to export then change the file type to 'XML'. Click 'Save'.


Importing into Papers

  • In Papers, click on 'File', 'Import', 'EndNote XML Library'.


  • Select the XML file you exported from EndNote and click on 'Import'


  • Now your references are in your Papers library.

Exporting your reference list from Papers to EndNote

If you need to send your references to a colleague who doesn't have Papers you can export your library as an XML file which can be opened in EndNote.

  • In Papers select 'File', 'Export', 'EndNote XML library.


  • You have the option of exporting selected papers, a selected collection or your entire library.


  • If your colleague has EndNote version 7 make sure you change this setting to 'EndNote 7'.

  • Once you chosen a file name and location click 'Export'.

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