Papers 3 & Yosemite Public Beta

We're excited to see Apple launching the public beta of the upcoming release of Mac OS X: Yosemite. We're hard at work making Papers 3 work great with Yosemite once it's released later in the autumn. However, there are currently issues with Papers 3 and the Yosemite Public Beta, which you should bear in mind when choosing to join the beta program.

Apple suggests only installing the beta on a secondary Mac as it "… may contain errors or inaccuracies". We suggest following this advice, and to also keep an up to date backup of your Papers library.

If you do decide to use Papers with the Yosemite Public Beta, we would be very grateful if you could report any issues that you discover by starting a discussion with our support team. This will help us make the app work smoothly when Yosemite is eventually released to the public. If you discover an issue that affects both Papers and other apps on your system, you can report bugs to Apple using the Feedback Assistant app included with the beta.

Known Issues

  • When running Papers 3.2.2 (142) and earlier in Yosemite Public Beta 2, or Yosemite Developer Preview 6, Papers will unexpectedly quit the first time a PDF is viewed (often at launch): rdar://18062171 (View on OpenRadar). If you can't launch Papers to install the newest update, you can download it directly from our website.
  • Viewing certain PDFs will cause Papers 3.2.2 (142) and earlier to quit unexpectedly. The same PDFs will also cause other apps which use Apple's PDFKit component to quit unexpectedly.
  • If, even with the above update, Papers still fails to launch. You can download and update to the latest beta of Papers 3 for Mac 3.2.3 directly.
  • Earlier versions of Papers fail to extract updates. You can update to the newest version of Papers 3 via our website.

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