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In Papers2 there are even more ways to personalize how you use application. In this tutorial, we will run through some of the general preferences available to you.

To access the General Preferences, select Preferences from the Papers menu bar, or use the
command__papers2.png command.

The first tab in preferences shows the general preferences you can set for Papers2:

  • Source text size changes the size of the text in the left hand navigation bar (Library, my research, sources, collections).

  • List text size changes the size of the text in your lists, so your authors, conferences, periodicals, or websites list.

See the following example where preferences are set to both small source text, and extra small list text size:


Now compare it to normal source text, and extra large list text size:


  • Inspector text size controls the text size for the article information in the inspector window on the right side of your screen.


  • Interface effects allow you to select if you want to turn off audio and visual effects in Papers.

  • Automatic updates: check this box if you would like Papers to check for updates automatically.

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