Getting started with syncing

Syncing makes it easy to share your Papers library across multiple devices using cloud or Wi-Fi. You can download the free Papers app for iPhone/iPad here and sync between your Papers desktop application and iPhone/iPad.

Up until recently, we have supported syncing via Dropbox or Wi-Fi (in case of Papers for Mac and iOS). However, we have recently changed the way that our syncing system works, to open the door for other cloud services including:

  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud
  • OneDrive
  • SugarSync (Mac)
  • Network file shares
  • WebDAV drive

Papers for iPhone and iPad only supports syncing via Dropbox and Wi-Fi. 

Syncing Compatibility

Other Cloud Services
Papers for Mac (3.4.0 and newer)
Papers for iPhone and iPad

How to set up syncing during the first run?

It is easy to set up syncing during the first run. You just navigate to your Dropbox folder or another cloud sync location and choose to create a new library and that's it, syncing is automatically enabled for you.

For more detailed instructions, continue reading these Mac and iOS articles.

Wi-Fi sync

Wi-Fi sync currently works between Papers 3 for Mac and iOS. It is easy to set up the Wi-Fi sync on your Mac by going to Preferences > Sync > Local Network. For further instructions, see our article on Getting started with Wi-Fi syncing.

What syncing can't do

Syncing is a very powerful feature but there are some limitations:

  • Papers can not sync libraries that are not stored in the same Dropbox account. This is often an issue for users with personal and business accounts.
  • The Papers library can not be selectively synced. The whole Library.papers3 folder must be set up to sync.
  • Papers can not properly sync libraries stored in shared Dropbox folders.
  • Papers can not sync a library you have deleted from your Dropbox folder on another device. This will cause the library to be deleted from Dropbox on all devices.
  • Papers can not sync libraries across versions. Papers 2 can not sync with Papers 3.

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