Configure Papers 2 to work with your library proxy

A little bit about proxies

Even if you are not on your university's network, you often still need to access academic literature. You can accomplish this by using a so-called library proxy which accesses web sites on your behalf when you are in a remote location. A common proxy system used by academic institutions and libraries is EZProxy. The proxy server makes it possible for staff and students to access the university library's electronic resources from any location (whether you're at a cafe around the corner, or on a beach!). The proxy server is used to restrict access to the electronic resources for which your library has to pay licensing fees, hence it is only available to staff and students from your university. This tutorial explains how to set up Papers to use your institutional EZProxy server.

Setting up Papers to work with your library proxy

  • In the menu bar, click on Papers -> Preferences


  • Select "Access"


  • In the library proxy drop down menu "none" is selected by default.

  • Select your university from the drop down menu.


  • Additionally, you can configure Papers to prompt you to sign in to your library website every time Papers starts. Simply enter the library login page URL at the bottom of the screen.


  • Check the "Go to this page when Papers is started" box to sign in every time you start Papers.

  • Entering a library website url (even without the Go to this page on start up option enabled), will allow to use it as a starting point you can quickly go to by selecting Open Library Website.. from the File menu.


** Please contact if your institutional proxy is not listed in the list of proxy servers in Papers2. **

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