Staying on top of your field with recent publications with Papers 2 for Mac

Papers makes it effortless to stay on top of the recent publications in your field. Combining the power of unified search with the resources already in your library, you can easily find the most recent articles published by certain authors or journals.

In the authors section, you have several view options: a cover flow mode, a map mode, and a recent papers mode. To see the most recent publications for any given author, select the author first, then click on the recent papers mode button at the bottom right corner.


This will toggle on the recent publications mode. Papers will automatically use the search engines you have activated to locate recent articles published by this author. Using the settings button you can toggle on and off different search engines right within this view mode.


You can import articles to your library, see which articles you already have (checkmark), and which articles you have not yet seen before (blue dot). If you select several articles at the same time, you can open each of them in a separate tab using the "Open in a tab" button, or batch import them to your library by right-clicking and selecting "import".


##Recent publications by journal Instead of selecting individual authors, you can also select individual journals from which you want to see recent publications. This is particularly useful if you try to follow certain journals in your field. Keep in mind that this feature is limited by the journals you select being indexed by the repositories used for searching. This may or may not affect your search results, depending on the resource you are trying to access and the repositories you have selected for Papers to use.

Instead of selecting Authors from the source list, select "Periodicals" to access this same feature for journals. Similarly to the authors section, Papers will list the articles you already have for each selected journal in the inspector window. It will also attempt to search for recent publications appearing in this journal, which you will see underneath the list of journals currently in your library.


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