What is ReadCube Papers Enterprise?

ReadCube Papers Enterprise helps dynamic research teams spend less time trying to stay organized and on-top of the latest scholarly literature and instead lets them focus on their research and innovating with their colleagues.

Features include:

Search & Discover:

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Related article feeds
  • Contextual citations
  • Web importing via browser


  • Hyperlinked inline references
  • Figure browsers & linked supplements
  • Advanced article metrics
  • Automatic attachment of supplements
  • Annotation & highlighting tools


  • Easy importing tools
  • Automatic article matching
  • Full text library search
  • Advanced sorted & filtering
  • Custom lists & #tagging


  • Easy citing with SmartCite for Word with over 8000 styles supported
  • Quick-copy formatted citation generator
  • Export to other citation file formats (.bib, .ris, .xml)



  • Unlimited team storage space
  • Shareable reading lists and private group collections for both references and PDFs
  • Shared annotations, notes & tags
  • Team support through our Browser Extensions (easily identify articles already in Team library while browsing the web)
  • Advanced security
  • Priority Support
  • Easy setup and management
  • Optional document delivery

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