In Progress
Would like to have better Apple Pencil integration especially for free draw in the iOS app.
  • And other brands as well, like Adonit Jot.

  • Since most annotation on an iPad will be done with Apple Pencil, being able to export an annotated (or not) pdf from the ReadCubePapers iOS app either to another app or mail directly would allow for much more flexibility that is needed in a group work environment like a research lab.   Please tell me if I am missing something, as the only way I see to do this is through the web 

    interface, where few people will use annotation (at least not with Apple Pencil).

  • Please, especially support for the Apple Pencil 2 double-tap change tool gesture. Additionally a more compact or movable tool picker would be very helpful. The tool picker takes up too much screen real estate.

  • +1

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