Whitelisting SmartCite for Microsoft Enterprise Deployments

If you are trying to add SmartCite, but your Add-in button is grayed out, this means your IT department has to whitelist SmartCite because your organization is on a Microsoft Enterprise license. 

Not to worry - it's an easy for your IT team to add and if they need additional information to do that, please contact us at support@readcube.com

In a nutshell, through the admin panel, your administrator can assign an add-in directly to a user, to multiple users via a group, or to everyone in the tenant. When the relevant Office application starts, the add-in automatically downloads for set of users your IT has permitted.

You can find step-by-step instructions here:


Once added, you will be able to find SmartCite either already pushed to your ribbon menu bar or if not, under "Admin Managed" tab in your Add-in menu.

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