I just purchased ReadCube Pro, why hasn't the subscription applied to my account?

Your ReadCube Pro purchases are applied specifically to the account you used to complete your purchase.  If you have previously logged into our website, your browser's cookies will keep that same account logged in.  During the checkout process, your purchase will automatically apply to that ReadCube Account.  One important detail to check when purchasing ReadCube Pro is that the account you are logged in with in your Desktop client is the same as the account you are logged in on the ReadCube checkout page (see below):

To check which account you are using with your ReadCube Desktop client, navigate to the preferences menu (the gear in the bottom left) and select the "account" tab.

If you think you accidentally applied your ReadCube Pro purchase to an incorrect account and need this resolved, please contact support at support@readcube.com.  If you believe you might have an alternate account that you intentionally applied the Pro purchase too, please specify all e-mail addresses that might be affiliated with ReadCube.  A support team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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