Do I need a free ReadCube Account to access PDF files on the Wiley Online Library?

Absolutely Not!

The ReadCube Web Reader is available directly on 100+ titles of the Wiley Online Library and the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews just by using any of the ‘PDF’ options from an article page, search page, or table of contents page.

You will automatically see ReadCube’s Enhanced PDF in your browser - and be able to do everything you normally can when viewing the article in browser, like downloading and printing. You will never be prompted during this process to create or log in with your free ReadCube account.

Registering for a free ReadCube account allows you to download your articles directly to your ReadCube Desktop or Mobile library using the "Add to Library" button available at the bottom of your screen.  The "Add to Library" button also allows you to save any annotations or highlights you make using the ReadCube Web Reader on your other ReadCube Apps.

You can also create a ReadCube account, by simply clicking the "ReadCube" logo in the bottom left of the Enhanced PDF.  Your browser will then remember (as long as cookies are enabled) that you have previously signed in to the ReadCube Web Reader and keep you logged in with the same account in the future. 
When an article has successfully been downloaded to your ReadCube Library, the "Add to Library" button will change to "In Library." To remove this article from your ReadCube Library, simply select this button again.

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