How do I move Notes/Highlights/Lists from one computer to another without Cloud Sync?

Right now, transferring this data is very difficult and meticulous. It is possible, but requires a lot of precise conditions being met.  

First you need your com.readcube.desktop folder from the preferences folder in your library.  You will have to put this on a network drive, an external hard drive, or a thumb drive, and put it in your new machine's preferences folder once you install ReadCube.  You can find this folder by following these steps:


  1. Navigate to your library. This is found at the file path~/Users/[your username]/Library
  2. Open the preferences folder in the library
  3. Drag the following folder to your desired storage unit:com.readcube.desktop


Same general steps, except you will find your preferences folder at %APPDATA%\com.readcube.desktop if using Windows XP (type this into "Run"), %LOCALAPPDATA%\com.readcube.desktop if using windows vista/7 (type this into the bottom left search bar), and C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\com.readcube.Desktop if using Windows 8 (type this into the bottom left search bar.

Once you have this folder, feel free to reformat and upgrade to a different OS.  Unfortunately, for this data transfer to work,you will need the following to be true:

  1. All of the directories for your files must be in the same place.  This means that if all of your PDFs were in~/Users/[your username]/Documents/Research, they must all be therein your new computer.  
  2. You must have the same username on your computer.
  3. You must use the same ReadCube account.
  4. You cannot be going from Mac -> Windows, or Mac -> Windows.

We are so sorry that this process is so complicated as of now!  Right now the ReadCube development team is working very hard on releasing a sync feature so that you can download any changes to your library simply by connecting to the internet, but this feature is not scheduled for release until this Fall, 2017.  We are working as fast as we canto prevent this type of headache in the future.

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