When on a supported Springer Nature or Wiley article page*, you can use the Share feature to obtain a shortened rdcu.be sharing link that provides full-text access to the article in the ReadCube Web Reader.

The Share feature can be accessed via the regular publisher-specific article sharing interface, typically a "Share" button. For example, it could look like the following on Nature journals:

On Springer journals:

On Wiley journals:

* If you do not see this Share feature with the shortened sharing link, the journal may not be enabled for Content Sharing by the publisher. For more information, please see:

Springer Nature:


Or your browser may have settings or a third-party extension that is blocking the sharing functionality. In particular, ad blocking extensions - such as AdBlock Plus - can block the Share feature. If you are experiencing problems obtaining the sharing link, please try disabling ad block extensions and reloading the page. Alternatively, try adding nature.com to the extension's whitelist of allowed sites. In AdBlock Plus, open its "Options" and update the "Whitelisted domains" list. If you're accessing nature.com with a library proxy, please add that specific proxy domain (e.g. for Harvard, add nature.com.ezp-prod1.hul.harvard.edu in addition to nature.com).