There are no new features in this release. This release focuses on bug fixes and improvements related to Dropbox sync.


  • Fixes an issue related to syncing with Papers for Mac where changes would sometimes not be synced.
  • Keywords are now synced correctly from Papers for Windows.
  • Fixes an issue where sometimes Papers for Windows would crash after enabling Dropbox sync if a PDF was opened in the application.
  • Fixes an issue that would happen when starting Papers for the first time.
  • When importing a publication, the publication date is now saved correctly.
  • Fixes an issue that happened when syncing with Papers for Mac, where the user would get a warning saying the trial had expired.


The Dropbox sync feature only works with beta versions of Papers for Mac and Papers for iOS.
There is a special Papers for Mac beta release, that is not available in the normal update channel, that works with this version of Papers for Windows.
You can download it here:
You can sign up to access the Papers 3 for iOS beta here:

For a a list of known issues please refer to this page: