Release Notes - Papers for Windows 1.5.8

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • User can merge multiple journals in the inspector.
  • Add a "collections" column to the main data viewer.
  • Notify users when site licenses are available for their institution.
  • Improve the annotation notes user interface.


  • Change PubMed search to match changes made on the PubMed site.
  • Date chooser in the inspector shows correctly on Windows 8
  • Changing an article type while editing reloads the article inspector
  • Installer doesn't show extra DOS "black-boxes"
  • Improve parsing of authors when opening or importing a publication from a URL
  • Display PDFs that are stored on UNC shares correctly.
  • Dragging publications out of the trash updates the trash icon.
  • Fix a crash related to deleting publications.
  • Fix an error when connecting to DropBox.
  • Change website article to have an "accessed date".
  • Fix the "trial expired" warning showing too early.
  • Fix a crash when a PDF has an empty location.
  • Fix an error when searching ArXiv with multiple search terms.
  • Fix an error when exporting Papers Archives.
  • Fix an error when exporting a collection.
  • Fix an issue when double-clicking papers for an author shown in the author inspector.
  • Fix an issue when toggling the "Mark as Read" state.
  • Fix an issue with selecting strikethrough and underline mode via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fix an issue with inserting multi-author citations into Word via Citations.
  • Fix an issue with showing citations in the inspector when viewing a manuscript in Papers.

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