Release Notes - Papers for Windows 1.0.3

Overview of the Changes

This update of Papers for Windows fixes issues with Magic Manuscripts, full text searching, dropbox compatibility, import from Endnote, and brings further stability and bug fixes.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • more robust PDF parsing on badly structured PDFs
  • import of PDFs from Endnote XML files
  • proper parsing of dates from Endnote files
  • Help center links are no longer routed through EZproxy
  • fixed manual activation and registration on certain types of PCs
  • fixed the ADS search engine after ADS website update
  • fixed an issue where drag and drop to a sub collection would place the collection at the root level
  • fixed an issue where exported Endnote XML would be invalid XML
  • fixed an issue where directory names cannot end with "." on Dropbox
  • fixed an issue where the author name format would differ between mac and PC
  • fixed an issue where the Papers update URL would collide with the one on the Mac
  • fixed an issue where the PDF would not load due to unicode characters in the filename.
  • fixed an issue where Magic Manuscripts would not load the parent style
  • fixed an issue where Magic Manuscripts would not pause Papers correctly
  • Added repair and verify options, as well as the ability to rebuild the lucene index
  • The show paper in external viewer option is now hidden if no external viewers have been registered

Up next

Have a look at our roadmap to see what's up next:

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