Release Notes - Papers for Windows 1.0.5

Overview of the Changes

This update of Papers for Windows fixes issues and improves performance with Magic Manuscripts, viewing of PDF files, and brings further stability and bug fixes.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • improved stability and performance of Magic Manuscripts and PDF Viewing

  • fixed an issue where PDF printing was not working for some PDFs

  • fixed a PDF crash caused by trying to read protected memory

  • fixed an issue with parsing DOIs from PNAS PDFs

  • fixed an issue with author parsing from IEEEXplore search results

  • fixed an issue with the Endnote importer breaking on "in prep." or "in press" for the date field.

  • fixed an issue where certain objects were not found

  • updated Magic Manuscripts to be compatible with Papers for Mac 2.1

  • fixed various formatting issues with Magic Manuscripts in Word

  • fixed a crash while updating publication subtypes

  • fixed a crash when entering accented characters in the search bar

  • fixed a crash when using the open location function

  • fixed an issue with DOI formatting during matching

  • fixed an issue where websites would not be opened in a tab

  • fixed an issue with the missing PDF warning in the inspector

  • fixed an issue where Papers could not be auto-updated

  • fixed an issue with middle names messing up the author initials

  • fixed an issue with editing through drag and drop

  • fixed an issue where a maximized window would have a black title bar and hidden buttons

  • fixed an issue where the menu would be highlighted with a too dark color

  • Magic Manuscripts now correctly applies superscripts

  • Magic Manuscripts now properly handles favorite citation styles

  • Magic Manuscripts now handles PMCID and PMIDs

  • improved keywords workflow

  • view settings are now correctly remembered

  • added ability to issue a rebuild of the lucene full-text search index

  • if Papers is minimized, Magic Manuscripts Ctrl Alt P brings it up again

Up next

Have a look at our roadmap to see what's up next:

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