Release Notes - Papers for Windows 1.2.1

This update of Papers for Windows brings some Papers and Citations bug fixes as well as better integration with Web of Science and an improved CSL styles update mechanism.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved integration with Web of Science.
  • Improved CSL styles update system.
  • In the publication list view, columns would not show properly sometimes.
  • After selecting and unselecting keywords the keyword's background was shown with an incorrect background colour.
  • Couldn't connect to JSTOR after sign in to UofT ezproxy.
  • PDFs were not deleted in the database after being removed by the user.
  • Keywords are now sorted alphabetically in dialog.
  • Publications would still show in the trash after deleted.
  • When importing papers that had been previously been imported but deleted, they would go straight to the trash.
  • Sometimes when adding a publication to a collection, an error would occur.
  • Citations would become slow and even crash due to a lock in the database.
  • Refreshing search indices would sometimes fail if the index database was faulty.
  • Creating a new collection from selection in file menu didn't work.
  • Adding or removing new column in the publication list would unload pdf being shown.
  • Adding an annotation and then marking the publication as flagged would make the annotation to be lost.
  • When adding new columns to view from View > Columns, they would show up with a very small width.
  • Fixed Google Scholar search issue that was causing some searches to fail.

Up next

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