Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.0.2

This second Papers2 update brings a much improved book chapter workflow, new magic manuscript features and supported applications, return of the reload with proxy command, and over 50 bug fixes and improvements.


Papers 2.0.2 brings a much improved workflow for dealing with book chapters


  • book and thesis chapters are now first class citizens
  • recursive import of PDFs (e.g. import of folders) now works
  • activation is now more dropbox and external drive friendly
  • dramatically improved startup speed if sorting on authors
  • Manuscripts: improved user interface to explicitly distinguish the insertion of a "citation" or a "citekey" from a "formatted reference"
  • Manuscripts: improved support for Scrivener; support for insertion of citations/citekeys; formatting can then be performed on the compiled final rtf document opened in TextEdit or in Microsoft Word, see also:
  • Manuscripts: improved support for Writeroom, SubEthaEdit and TexShop; full support for insertion of citations and subsequent formatting
  • Manuscripts: improved support for Lyx, TexMaker, MacVim, Aquamacs, Terminal, Kod, Smultron; support insertion of citekeys
  • Manuscripts: added basic support for Mail, Safari, Adobe InDesign, Mathematica, Together, TaskPaper, Mori, Mellel, Bean, OpenOffice Aqua, Nisus Writer Pro/Express, AbiWord, PageHand, Ulysses, NeoOffice, Stickies
  • Manuscripts: option for Bibtex command to use either the '\cite{}' or the '\citep{}' syntax
  • Manuscripts: Bibtex commands can be inserted in any of the applications that support insertion of citations/citekeys, see also:
  • Manuscripts: now output the journal abbreviation instead of the full name where specified by a journal stylesheet
  • Manuscripts: now defaults to US-english locale for styles without one specified
  • Manuscripts: fix responsiveness issue resulting from using the up arrow key when already at the top of a list
  • disable manuscripts menu now works
  • added reload with proxy menu item in publication tabs where applicable
  • added ability to remove and replace missing PDFs
  • added warning before deleting a chapter
  • better handling of tableview selections when editing multiple items
  • improved page parsing in RIS files and Pubmed
  • matching no longer removes the rating and document number of a paper
  • zoom slider now disabled while showing overlay (thumbnail) in classic mode
  • author and journal thumbnails are now correctly migrated from Papers1
  • no more '•' characters for authors with missing first or middle names (for current users, this requires applying a new format for authors in the 'Sources' panel of Papers2 Preferences)
  • improved author name parsing and capitalization of particles is now preserved.
  • tuned the duplicate detection to reduce false positives
  • editing the url of a website article now will create the website if necessary
  • editing the publication type now better handles chapters and bundles
  • about box now shows registration info
  • removed NCBI from default blacklist
  • fixed the project muse plugin
  • fixed an issue where unarchiving papers wouldn't work
  • fixed an issue where matching was allowed without a result, leading to data loss
  • fixed an issue where revealing a chapter would load always the first one
  • fixed an issue where loading Pubmed webpages would lead to wrong metadata parsing
  • fixed an issue where old URL values in the inspector would stick around
  • fixed an issue where naming the PDFs based on citekeys would only give Untitled filenames
  • fixed an issue where naming the PDFs based on last author would use the first author instead
  • fixed an issue with duplicated styles resulting from the 2.0.1 update
  • fixed an issue where XMP metadata would lead to () set as the title
  • fixed an issue where papers would disappear upon import
  • fixed a crash while dragging papers of the correct type onto a subcategory
  • fixed a crash while using the spacebar in classic mode with the preview hidden
  • manuscripts process is now reliably updated consistently with Papers2 updates
  • additional console logging during Papers1 migration
  • improved performance of author queries
  • added a safety check for problematic collection hierarchies
  • added preventive measures against crashes caused by corrupt spotlight indices

Papers for iOS

Syncing with Papers for iOS now works in Papers 2.0.2. Note that this requires Papers for iOS 1.9.5, a free update currently available through iTunes.

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