Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.0.3

The third Papers2 update in 3 weeks brings back the notes inspector tab, as well as the type select in the list views. We have further improved the book chapter and citekeys workflow, and added another 50 bug fixes and improvements.


Papers 2.0.3 brings back the inspector tab for notes


  • notes inspector is back by popular demand
  • type-select in tableviews is back
  • citekeys are now dynamic (change along with metadata) until they are used in a BibTeX related function, which will freeze them at this point.
  • citekey column now shows a citekey for all publications
  • custom citekeys are now checked for uniqueness upon editing in the inspector
  • added ability to unlock a frozen citekey
  • document numbers are now auto-generated if enabled
  • chapters now allow setting of the booktitle without the need to create a book
  • chapters now show up correctly in my papers folder, subcollections and various other locations/situations
  • chapters are now correctly queried for metadata in crossref
  • the author editor in the inspector now supports paste
  • tabs can now be dragged again onto collections to add the displayed publication to that collection
  • proper handling of the book title in CSL for "book-less" chapters
  • manuscripts: the "Insert Citekey" option is now first when the "Allow citekey insertion" is set in the preferences
  • manuscripts: LibreOffice now recognized for direct insertion of formatted references or citekey
  • manuscripts: fix bug where BibTeX would continue to be used even after changing the citekey format in the preferences
  • manuscripts: fix bug where documents from Scrivener or similarly-supported apps would lose track of previously inserted citations
  • addition of a maintenance mode with rebuild spotlight index option
  • added missing metadata fields to chapters and edits are now propagated where appropriate
  • added warning before deleting supplemental data
  • added PDF Files only import
  • added export to Bookends option
  • fullscreen mode now shows the correct menus
  • stricter duplicate detection to reduce false duplicate detection
  • escape key now hides keyword and author selectors and no longer causes main window to hide
  • manual activation now possible
  • library backups are now stored in the backups folder and cleaned up automatically
  • bibtex exporter now allows exporting of Papers1 citekeys
  • bibtex exporter now allows choice between full and abbreviated journal names
  • pubmed search engine now trims periods from journal titles
  • better handling of incorrectly placed issn numbers in isbn fields of endnote xml files
  • matching should no longer erase keywords
  • migration should better preserve publication type info
  • fixed various iOS sync related issues
  • fixed an issue with downloading of JSTOR PDFs
  • fixed an issue where editing the version number would repeatedly prepend "Version:"
  • fixed an issue where thesis supervisors would be incorrectly tagged as committee members
  • fixed an issue where the type could not be changed for chapters
  • fixed a number of issues with bibtex export format
  • fixed sorting on author if only showing last author (note that this mode is slower though)
  • fixed a code signing issue
  • Mac OS X 10.5 users should now receive a warning Papers2 is not compatible with their system

Papers for iOS

Syncing with Papers for iOS should now be much faster and robust. Syncing requires Papers for iOS 1.9.5, a free update currently available in the iTunes app store.

Up next

Have a look at our roadmap to see what's up next:

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