Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.0.4

This fourth Papers2 update sees the return of the PDF outline and search results in the inspector tab, better iOS syncing, and a variety of fixes and improvements.

Papers 2.0.4 brings back the PDF outline view and search tab


  • the content outline is back in PDF tabs (if provided by the PDF)
  • search result details are shown again in the inspector in PDF tabs
  • added a new spotlight indexing process that should be more resilient against corrupt PDFs
  • manuscripts: better handling of citation number
  • manuscripts: updated to latest CSL stylesheets
  • now using URL-friendly base64 in citekey generation to avoid '/' character
  • better UI for the composed date editor in the inspector, where it was not very clear when a date is not set yet
  • more informative progress indication during syncing with iOS devices
  • citekeys are now preserved during matching
  • cmd-w now correctly closes the key window
  • chapters now show pages in inspector if available
  • opening a tab while having a search term present now starts the same search in the tab
  • fixed a publication-style-related crash where a style would not have the csl identifier set
  • fixed an issue where sound effects were not adhering to the preference setting
  • fixed an issue where downloading supplemental material would switch to the Livfe tab
  • fixed an issue where url smart collection rules would not work correctly
  • fixed an issue where yellow highlights would show on screen while the preview would be closed
  • fixed an issue where syncing with iOS devices would stop in the preparation phase
  • fixed an issue with password entry during linking of iOS devices
  • fixed an issue with syncing two iOS devices in a row
  • fixed an issue where matching with pubmed would change the type from journal article to report
  • fixed an issue in manuscripts where Papers2-formatted citekeys were inserted instead of the user-preferred format
  • fixed an issue where the bookends exporter could only be used once
  • fixed some minor issues in the inspector fields for some entities
  • fixed an issue where thesis committee members would be tagged as illustrators
  • added additional measures to prevent activating spider traps while generating thumbnails

Papers for iOS

Syncing with Papers for iOS should now be much faster and robust. Syncing requires Papers for iOS 1.9.5, a free update currently available in the iTunes app store.

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