Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.0.5

The fifth Papers2 update focus on bug fixes, including a number of important fixes to Magic manuscripts and iOS syncing. We continue to bring more improvements in the near future.

Papers 2.0.5 brings improvements to the date selector, see also this pro-tip


  • improvements to the date selector in the inspector
  • manuscripts: added support for emacs osx
  • manuscripts: added support for all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Camino, Opera, OmniWeb.
  • manuscripts: improved performance of inserting citations into word documents
  • manuscripts: improved behavior when dealing with ambiguous or unknown citekeys
  • manuscripts: improved handling of citations that have been copied from elsewhere in the document
  • manuscripts: in Word, improved handling of surrounding spaces when inserting a citation or formatting
  • manuscripts: in Word, fixed an issue where insertion of a citation could result in an empty 'invisible' field
  • manuscripts: in Word, fixed an issue where inserted citations would not work well in combination with track changes
  • manuscripts: in Pages, fixed an issue in documents containing fields where formatted reference would not be set up in the correct place
  • manuscripts: fixed an issue with recognition of uuid-based citekeys
  • manuscripts: fixed an issue where the term 'Translator' could sometimes be used instead of 'Editor'
  • manuscripts: fixed an issue with insertion of formatted references in Keynote and Powerpoint
  • syncing: added an option to remove papers not marked for syncing from the iOS device. Option selected by default for previously unsynced devices.
  • syncing: close Magic Manuscripts during syncing with an iOS device.
  • syncing: pause background processing papers (thumbnails, CrossRef and OCR) during syncing with an iOS device.
  • syncing: added a "Don't ask again" checkbox to the 'Mac > mobile' syncing warning dialog.
  • syncing: clearer progress indication during syncing with an iOS device.
  • syncing: fixed an issue where syncing stops due to a lost connection when using a slow connection and syncing large documents.
  • syncing: fixed an issue where syncing would get stuck when sending PDFs to the iOS device.
  • syncing: fixed an issue with autofilled PDFs not being sent.
  • syncing: fixed an issue where smart collections would not get fully updated during syncing.
  • syncing: fixed an issue where if the app is reinstalled on the iPad, PDFs would only be sent only on the 2nd sync.
  • syncing: transfer only supported file types from the Mac to the iOS device (currently only PDF)
  • added more styles option to the style list to more easily access the customization options
  • added maintenance action to verify database
  • added maintenance action to remove activation
  • added "letter" and "handbook" kinds to articles and books, respectively
  • added a warning before deleting a keyword
  • added djvu to supported file extensions
  • notes are now correctly indexed by spotlight
  • if no title is found the filename becomes the title of the imported file
  • adding a supplement or chapter now scrolls the list to the end
  • supplement choice sheet should now react to return key
  • disabled the behaviour where the quicklook function would be triggered upon a space in the searchfield
  • hitting the down arrow in the searchfield will now select the tableview
  • holding the shift key while selecting the up or down arrow keys will now trigger multi-selection
  • editing of titles is now more reliable
  • fixed an issue where notes would be continuously updated and become very slow
  • fixed an issue where the current position of the pointer in the notes would be lost upon each save
  • fixed an issue where edits in the author inspector weren't properly handled
  • fixed an issue where only the 15 default styles would be loaded
  • fixed an issue where all publications are removed inside the citation in MS Word
  • fixed an issue where copying a paper would leave a semitransparent window on the screen
  • fixed an issue where clicking the chapter table view in the book inspector would open the wrong chapter
  • fixed an issue where publications would be incorrectly tagged as duplicates
  • fixed an issue where collections were not duplicated correctly
  • fixed an issue where read counts were incremented with two at the time
  • fixed an issue where the unfiled smart collection would not immediately update and would show publications in the trash
  • fixed an issue where visiting the ACM website would override the correct journal data
  • fixed an issue where deleting a chapter or supplemental data would delete the wrong item
  • fixed an issue where the library website URL would be lowercased
  • fixed an issue where PDFs were not migrated to the Files directory if no subdirectory syntax was picked
  • fixed an issue where the menus are not properly reset after returning from fullscreen mode
  • fixed an issue where the add to collection menu was not properly handling subcollections
  • fixed an issue where it would be possible to trigger editing of titles in the inspector notes tab
  • fixed an issue where BibTeX parsing during matching and searching would lead to database interaction issues
  • fixed an crash in the Bookends exporter when PDF files would be missing
  • fixed a security issue with web autofill values

Papers for iOS

Syncing with Papers for iOS should now be much faster and robust. Syncing requires Papers for iOS 1.9.5, a free update currently available in the iTunes app store.

Up next

Have a look at our roadmap to see what's up next:

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