Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.0.7

This update focuses once again on bug fixing, reliability and performance. It also brings improvements to state saving, memory usage and spotlight indexing, as well as a number of bug fixes.


  • selected papers are now remembered for each collection and across starts of the program
  • new collections now inherit the column settings of either the parent or library collection
  • papers no longer uses hard links to copy files to the library folder
  • manuscripts: better detection of the control-control shortcut
  • manuscripts: using en-dash for page ranges when formatting a citation or bibliography
  • manuscripts: better preservation of the selection in the result list
  • manuscripts: better handling of citations of website articles
  • iOS syncing: fixed an issue with auto-filling iOS device content
  • iOS syncing: fixed a number of iOS device syncing and connection issues
  • export to Bookends now supports Mac App Store version of Bookends
  • added ability to import BibTeX, Endnote and other keywords as Papers keywords
  • added refresh Livfe collection to main menu and action menu
  • added additional precautions to prevent crashes when Pubmed is not available
  • added a warning when the user has an old version of Perian installed that causes crashes in Papers2
  • once publications have been edited they no longer automatically update their metadata
  • open pdf in tab and show in Papers will now function correctly also with an external viewer setup
  • month name is no longer enclosed in curly braces in BibTeX export
  • institutional author names are now enclosed in curly braces in BibTeX export
  • tabbing through the author list now scrolls the author inspector if necessary
  • printing from the pdf preview view mode no longer shows the quicklook panel
  • adding a review to a paper now automatically marks it as read
  • reading to the end of a document in full screen mode will mark the paper as read
  • updated the keyword selector layout to be less mouse intensive
  • holding the option/alt key now allows quick addition of a new keyword
  • fixed a number of memory leaks and crashes
  • fixed an issue where the collection content would not update after changing the sourcelist selection
  • fixed an issue where mulit-keyword smart collections would not work
  • fixed an issue where the abstract rule would not work in smart collections
  • fixed an issue where chapters were not shown in smart collections
  • fixed an issue where papers marked as read would not lose the bold status
  • fixed an issue where the notes would scroll up when the length would exceed one page
  • fixed an issue where shift-tab would dismiss the author inspector
  • fixed an issue where PDFs were unlinked or swapped from their paper
  • fixed an issue where the ping sound would cause a crash on startup
  • fixed an issue where matching or visiting websites with metadata would cause data loss
  • fixed an issue where the attributed title was not correctly set upon import
  • fixed an issue where the tab label would not be in sync with the publication metadata
  • fixed an issue where the author count would get out of sync during matching
  • fixed an issue where opening and searching a PDF in a tab would lead to rendering glitches
  • removed some superfluous logging
  • tuned spotlight indexing to improve performance and reliability

Papers for iOS

We advise to upgrade to Papers for iOS 1.9.6 if you haven't done so already, this free update is available now in the iTunes App Store.

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