Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.0.9

This update focuses once again on bug fixing, reliability and performance. It also fixes some Lion-specific issues, that makes Papers2 better behaved on the latest Mac OS X 10.7 release. Papers 2.0.9 remains of course compatible with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).


  • Generation of thumbnails from webpages now handled by a separate temporary process, to improve stability, performance, and resource usage (also fixes a Lion-specific crash)
  • Last import new remembers the selected date filter
  • Fixes a Lion-specific crash that would sometimes occur after dismissing modal sheets
  • Fixes an issue where opening a PDF in an external viewer would always make a beep sound
  • Fixes a rare issue where the 'Get Started' screen would be shown at every start of Papers
  • Fixes a rare issue where the Papers database would stop being saved even as the user makes changes to the library
  • Fixes a rare issue with the display of chapters in the inspector for book entries
  • Workaround for an issue with 'Copy as Papers Link' where some apps (e.g. Powerpoint) would not be able to paste the content Papers2 places on the clipboard
  • Now properly pastes styled references, with proper italic and bold, when using 'Copy as Reference' and pasting in MS Word, Pages, etc...
  • Bug fix: more reliable notes and title editing
  • Bug fix: when matching, the first row of the results would sometimes be improperly positioned and half-truncated
  • Bug fix: the inspector split view would sometimes get hidden and could not be brought back with the view menu
  • Bug fix: the inspector would sometimes have the wrong size, which would result in cropping of some of the text
  • Bug fix: Manuscripts would always be switched on after iOS syncing and was thus ignoring the user settings
  • Bug fix: the hot key checkbox was always set back to YES when loading Papers2 preferences
  • Bug fix: some PubMed book search results would get incorrectly flagged as booklets.
  • Bug fix: row height and fonts in livfe collections would be scrambled under certain conditions
  • Bug fix: tableview rows showing titles or subtitles containing returns or new lines would overlap
  • Bug fix: previewing non-PDFs no longer show "No PDF available" instead of the thumbnail
  • Bug fix: color label is no longer lost upon matching
  • Bug fix: dragging a PDF onto the lower right drop zone for a search result will now first import the paper
  • Adds a confirmation dialog when skipping migration from Papers 1 in the first run of Papers2
  • More useful logging to Console of errors related to loading of custom CSL files from the user's library
  • Now using the updated Scopus endpoint URLs
  • Now refreshes the 'Collections' column to the proper values when doing a database maintenance (in some cases, the column value could become inconsistent with the actual collection contents)
  • Improved filtering of keywords in the popup selector
  • Improved preview in the style selector of the Manuscripts preferences; now using the papers selected in the library for the preview

  • Improved behavior of the date picker when no date is set and the default date picker is not for exact date

  • BibTeX export: avoids duplicate entries for address and institution

  • BibTeX export: no more \url command added as part of the 'url' field, as the bibliography style will likely add yet another such command, which ends up with \url{\url{...}} commands
  • BibTeX export: fixes issue with 'url' field not properly escaped
  • BibTeX export: includes the 'url' field for @webpage entries in the 'standard' export option
  • EndNote export: fixes issue where spaces in the last name were wrongly removed when generating EndNote citation keys

  • Magic Manuscripts:

    • fixes Lion-specific issue with TextEdit interaction and automatically creates a new version of the document before formatting (leveraging autosave in TextEdit)
    • adds support for manuscript parsing and formatting with Byword (requires update to Byword 1.3)
    • basic support for insertion of formatted reference in iTerm2, 'iA Writer' and 'Circus Ponies Notebook'
    • improved support for MacVim, now able to add the document being edited to the Manuscripts section in Papers2
    • fixes bug where author/year/suffix collapsing in the cites would also be applied in the bibliography, resulting in occasional references without authors in the bibliography
    • improved algortihm for 'title case' (e.g. to avoid having 'Physics Review A' become 'Physics Review a')
    • adds a workaround for an Applescript bug in Pages '08 where character ranges are not always properly applied, which resulted in missing characters in the formatted manuscript
    • entries of type 'Website Article' are now properly recognized as the CSL type webpage, which allows to properly output their URL when used with IEEE or other styles that check for that type
    • fixes crash introduced in Papers 2.0.8, triggered by rare cases of naked hyphens in author first name
    • fixes crash that was triggered by the output of the publisher for some CSL styles
      • output of bibliography is now an empty string instead of an error string when no bibliography element is defined in CSL
    • proper support for styling of name parts as can be specified in <name-part> children in CSL styles
    • proper generation of ordinals for 11-13 (e.g. 13th, not 13rd)
  • Livfe:

    • Added the ability to optionally enter and verify an email address for your Livfe account
    • Added the ability to receive email notifications of other users accepting your Livfe invitations
    • Added the ability to copy the URL of public collections to the clipboard
    • Added the ability to restore access to Livfe collections if library loses them, for instance when restoring from an old Time Machine backup (available in the Maintenance Mode)
    • Fixed an issue where publication metadata would be updated in an incorrect form with Livfe
    • Fixed an issue where author metadata would be updated in an incorrect form with Livfe
    • Fixed an issue where journal / book metadata would be updated in an incorrect form with Livfe
  • Syncing:

    • Bug fix: fixed an issue where removing a paper from a collection would not be synced between the Mac/iOS device (paper would be reinstated in the collection)
    • Bug fix: fixed an issue where under some circumstances publications not present in any collections would not be synced
  • Beta testing:

    • Added the option to receive beta version update information by selecting the checkbox in the General tab of the preferences.
  • fix:

    • fixes an issue where removal or corruption of the Papers preferences makes the getting started screen show up each time Papers2 is started
    • fixes three Lion specific drawing glitches
    • adds a repair step to the database verification procedure (start Papers with option key and choose 'Verify Database')

Papers for iOS

We advise to upgrade to Papers for iOS 1.9.6 if you haven't done so already, this free update is available now in the iTunes App Store.

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