Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.3

Overview of the Changes

This update focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements, while also adding a major new feature called Watched folders. Finally, this update brings full compatibility with OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.

New Features

  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion compatibility including Gate Keeper support.
  • Watched folders. One can now tell Papers to watch one or more folders and automatically import any documents that are dropped into them. You can configure the watched folders under the library tab in the preferences.


Automatically import files dropped into watched folders.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Added the ability to skip publications that have no notes or annotations when exporting notes.
  • Author and journal editing now allows correcting misspelled names.
  • Pasting in author names into the author editor no longer removes periods after initials.
  • Editing author names now preserves custom last name parsing behavior by maintaining the curly braces originally entered by the user.
  • The author editor now also shows and preserves curly braces entered by the user to force custom last name parsing.
  • Papers now correctly indexes author names like O'Donnell or O'Hara and return these in search results.
  • Selections are now properly maintained in the main table views also preventing incorrect inspector refreshes and causing the coverflow and tableviews to be out of sync directly after startup.
  • The search field in the main tab now supports AND and OR queries in the specific search modes (keywords, authors, etc).
  • The search field in the main tab remembers the selection across restarts of the app.
  • Selecting a search repository after entering an initial query will now start the search.
  • Searching for notes now includes PDF sticky notes.
  • Added the ability to drag notes by shift-dragging the yellow note symbol.
  • Added the missing 'View Mode' options to the Livfe collection tab so one can hide/unhide the inspector.
  • Papers now correctly parses the APS style article number out or crossref DOI records.
  • Papers now correctly parses DOIs contained in bracketed text.
  • Web of Science search engine now correctly retrieves article numbers for APS articles.
  • PDFs from SSRN and Hindawi can now be downloaded from within Papers properly.
  • Fixed a false positive duplicate detection.
  • Fixed the issue where the duplicate warning would return after choosing to ignore it and selecting another duplicate.
  • Fixed an issue where RIS files from JSTOR would show a VL - suffix in the title.
  • Fixed query generation for SRU engines by making sure multi-word tokens are quoted and put into parentheses, fixing the issue where multi-word JSTOR queries would not return any results. Note that strangely enough JSTOR still returns only a subset of results if you are not coming from an authenticated IP address, explaining some more difference between a JSTOR search in Papers vs their website in that scenario.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect merging of highlights.
  • Fixed issue with creating notes when the cover page is hidden.
  • Fixed issues with syncing PDFs that have the cover page hidden.
  • Fixed a syncing bug with autofilling not working.
  • Fixed a crash while editing search engine settings.
  • Fixed a crash after dismissing the auto-complete suggestion dialog.
  • Fixed a crash with auto-complete on Snow Leopard
  • Fixed a crash associated with the inspector and file view.
  • Fixed a crash with tableview inspector items when double-clicking book chapter items.
  • Fixed a crash when quitting the application with the Livfe review sheet visible.
  • Fixed a crash caused by simultaneously initializing date parsing.
  • Fixed a crash when editing search engine settings.
  • Fixed a crash in BibTeX export.
  • Fixed the placeholder string for bundles not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Papers would be in an inconsistent state after verifying its database.
  • Fixed an issue with cleaning up duplicated highlights that could happen after aborted sync sessions in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF would move to the beginning of a page when highlighting, for instance when a search word had been entered.
  • The search term highlighting no longer disappears when highlighting with search highlights shown.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF filename would not update after editing the title.
  • Fixed an issue where the create note menu item was not enabled properly upon first use of fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed an issue where notes would be reset halfway editing.
  • Fixed an issue where notes would not be synced properly with Papers for iOS
  • Fixed an issue where repository identifiers would be lost when metadata would be found in the webpage.
  • Fixed an issue on Mountain Lion where scrolling through a PDF would give scroller drawing glitches.
  • Fixed an issue with first and last author searches in ADS.
  • Fixed an issue with downloading supplementary files from Science Direct.
  • Fixes an issue in BibTeX export of Report type entries where the 'number' field was using the 'issue' number, not the report number
  • Improved performance of PDF preview refreshes in the main library tab.
  • Papers now removes unicode gremlin characters upon highlighting and from copied text.
  • The create note menu option now also works without a PDF selection.
  • The endnote XML exporter now exports both the PMCID and repository ID (Pubmed ID or other if available)
  • Corrected the Google Scholar plugin after another website change.
  • The last read date is now properly updated each time a paper is (auto) marked as read.
  • Auto-updating the last read date no longer abrogates in-progress editing.
  • Added trimming of periods and other characters from subdirectories in which PDFs are stored as files and directories with trailing periods are not synced properly on dropbox.
  • Added a workaround for issue that makes the fullscreen window disappear after switching between spaces.
  • Added a workaround for a crash associated to stored but outdated PDF positions.
  • Added a workaround for a bug in OSX 10.7.4 which causes crashes upon closing PDF views.
  • Reworded collection column and PDF zoom factor remembering preferences to avoid confusion.
  • Updated browser user agent strings.
  • Added Gatekeeper support on Mountain Lion.
  • Improved display of dates by using the era suffixes 'BC' and 'AD' where ppropriate

Magic Manuscripts

  • New: update to the styles bundled with Papers2, imported from the CSL github repository (now 2700+ styles)
  • New: improved display of publication results in the Magic Manuscripts floating window, with the first auhtor and year highlighted below the title, and a tooltip added with the complete reference appearing when hovering over a row
  • New: basic support for VoodooPad 5
  • New: basic support for Chocolat

  • Bug fix: proper creation of citekey with names that contain non-Roman characters (Note: to "fix" citekeys for publications created before Papers 2.2.20, you will need to run the 'Verify Database' maintenance step, which can be triggered by starting Papers2 with the option key pressed)

  • Bug fix: proper restart of Magic Manuscripts upon starting the Papers main application
  • Bug fix: configuration issue where Magic Manuscripts could get started even when switched off in the preferences
  • Bug fix: parsing of Pandoc cite keys
  • Bug fix: handling of "gremlin" characters that would cause Pages to malfunction or crash
  • Bug fix: parsing of citekeys in plain-text documents now correctly ignores false-positive citekeys spanning more than one line
  • Bug fix: in some apps, the Papers2 citekey format would always be used even when the preferences were set to another format
  • Big fix: working around a bug in Emacs 24.1; after invoking the 'Insert Citekey' optioneven though the citekey is not inserted, it is now loaded into the clipboard for that version of Emacs, and has to be pasted manually by the user
  • Bug fix: proper parsing of first and middle initials, when provided as e.g. 'Smith DJ'
  • Crash fix: occasional applescript exception with MS Word
  • Crash fix: rare race condition in search
  • Crash fix: rare crash due to malformed XML in MS Word field

  • CSL engine:

    • using the book editors for the child chapters when no editors have been set on the chapter
    • proper handling of 'thesis' within <if> elements that test the CSL type
    • do not include page numbers for books in the CSL translation for the page variable
    • proper output of "collection-title", which should only output the subtitle for books
    • no more double output of editors in some of the styles
    • no more duplicate list of authors in style DIN 1505-2
    • removes end-of-sentence periods (but not other end-of-sentence punctuation signs)
    • avoids having a space after a parenthesis in cases where a prefix starts with a space and is used after an empty variable.
    • properly add year suffixes to also disambiguate cites that have a page locator, prefix or suffix
    • proper addition of just the first X authors necessary for disambiguation, instead of all the authors in some cases
    • skips the <layout> delimiter for empty citations, to allow combining author and year suppression, and then customize the output of a specific cite using a suffix instead
    • adding CSL locale for Finnish
  • New features with Word interaction:

    • the manuscript properties like the style are now persisted in the file itself, and will survive a file move or renaming
    • citations can now be inserted outside of the main text, in text boxes, footnotes or endnotes (for the latter, note that this is in addition to the support for footnotes and endnotes added in 2.2.10, which would only work for footnote-specific styles)
    • citations can also be inserted outside of the main text as "plain text", e.g. via the Papers2 main app menu item Edit > Copy As > Magic Citation
    • citations inserted outisde of the main text (plain text of fields) are then of course properly formatted based on their order (again, even for the "in text" styles)

Papers for iOS

We advise to upgrade to Papers for iOS 1.9.14, this free update is available soon in the iTunes App Store.

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