Release Notes for Papers2 - version 2.4

Overview of the Changes

This update introduces a brand new share menu, allowing you to tweet your favorite articles or post them on Facebook. It also brings a completely renewed Papers archive export function, and a slew of other improvements and fixes.

New Features

  • A brand new Papers archive export and import. While Papers2 can still import archives made in Papers1, we finally introduce the new Papers2 archive format. The new format extends the library archive support beyond just basic paper metadata and PDFs.

    • The new archive format now optionally stores notes and annotations, keywords, and supplemental data.
    • The new archive format also allows Papers to smartly merge data that's already previously imported: you can for example export the same collection multiple times with a collaborator. Only updates and new papers get imported, without duplicates being introduced.
  • A brand new Share menu with the ability to post a paper to Twitter and Facebook. Link your twitter and/or facebook account to Papers in the preferences and tweeting or posting to Facebook becomes as simple as a single click.

  • Added a preference to automatically restore the opened tabs from the previous session upon starting the app.

  • Added the ability to set a custom ezproxy URL string, and optionally share this URL with other Papers users anonymously.

  • Added a notice system that can warn the user, for example about compatibility issue with a new OS update, or changes in search plugins, etc...

  • COMING SOON: Updated the Web of Science search plugin to use their new web service API.


Tweet about your favorite articles directly from within Papers or post them on Facebook.

Other bug fixes and improvements

Magic Citations

  • Added a preference in Manuscripts pane, to optionally run the background Citations process only when Papers is running.
  • Updated CSL styles, now more than 2800 journals and styles supported.
  • Added support for the CSL variable "medium".
  • Added support for the CSL variable "number-of-pages".
  • Added support for special CSL variables "papers2_type" and "papers2_subtype"
  • Now properly applying 'strip-periods' attribute to <date-parts> elements in the CSL engine.
  • Properly taking into account the delimiter from the locale <date> element, so that it is applied to the <date> element in the <style> sheet itself.
  • CSL locale can now be set by a dependent style, to prepare for CSL 1.0.1.
  • Small tweak to the CSL type mapping, so that MTPublicationSubtypeAudio is considered a song in CSL and get proper formatting.
  • Empty Word field are now ignored and cleaned up, fixing an issue where papers would get added randomly to existing citations when formatting.
  • When an error is detected in a manuscript, formatting now continuous through the rest of the document, so that all errors can be fixed at once in the case of range inconsistencies for fields in footnotes.
  • Fixed an issue where applying a "note" style with citations already in footnotes, would end up messing up the document.
  • Fixed an issue where fields in footnotes could be deleted by in a Word document under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a rare bug where citations could end up without any publications listed in the XML in the Word field.
  • Fixed an issue with how the contextual menu works for copying annotation.
  • Fixed an issue with sandboxed apps, for which we can't "save as" to /tmp
  • Fixed an issue with detection of MS Word 2004 by
  • Corrected Citations shutdown order.

iOS Syncing

  • Properly remove traces of previously synced collections and annotations upon deletion.
  • Fixed an issue where notes were not properly synced.
  • Fixed an issue where syncing to iOS would incorrectly affect fields on the publication.
  • Fixed an issue where Mac collections would be created from iOS collections not marked for sending.
  • Fixed an issue where annotations would not be synced in the Mac.
  • Fixed an issue during Mac to Mobile device sync mode while deleting annotations.
  • Fixed an issue where annotations changed on the Mac could get duplicated.

Import and Export

  • Fixed a Mountain Lion specific crash when dragging imported file(s) to a tab that doesn't accept a drag (such as "Last Import").
  • Fixed an issue where the app would crash during import.
  • Fixed an issue with exporter progress indication.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty exported file is created with the exporting scope set to 'Collection' but no collection has been selected.
  • Fixed an issue where import of a large batch of files would show drawing glitches.
  • Fixed a bug where exported months in Endnote XML would not be correct according to the DTD.
  • Fixed a bug in BibTeX export of 'Report' type entries.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Added a menu item for creating a new collection from papers selected in a tab.
  • Added a much improved export of reference list by using a proper HTML template.
  • Added support for dragging publications from the 'Citations' tab of the inspector for Manuscripts, so that one can easily create/update a collection of cited papers for a manuscript.
  • Added support for the common ⌃⌘F shortcut to enter and exit into Lion’s fullscreen mode.
  • Author names with the word 'Agency' are now detected and made institutions.
  • Author name suffixes are now preceded by a comma in the standard name format.
  • Removed the "--" used for the 'Copy As Quote' popup menu for annotations in the inspector.
  • Prevent a crash when the note area is empty.
  • Adding papers to collections now saves the collection string.
  • The Add your Review popup now dismisses itself after 10s.
  • Fixed a crash in the file view when a supplement has a no caption.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of a database verification run.
  • Fixed a crash related to PDF tooltip handling upon creation of a new note.
  • Fixed a crash when one would cmd-tab while a auto-complete suggestion list was on screen.
  • Fixed a crash when dismissing a sheet with the keyword selector still visible (for example while writing a Livfe review).
  • Fixed a crash where the fullscreen was dismissed twice.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting password protected PDFs.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking the help button in the scanner selection sheet.
  • Fixed a series of crashes related to tooltips and annotations.
  • Fixed a series of crashes related to calculating the fingerprint on some PDFs.
  • Fixed some crashes associated with keyword handling.
  • Fixed a bug where notes would be deleted halfway typing or while selecting other actions like marking a paper as read or private.
  • Fixed a bug where the second highlight in fullscreen mode would no longer work through the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where a single first author or last author search term would result in zero hits.
  • Fixed an issue where highlighting in the PDF preview would scroll it back to the top if the remember reading position checkbox was not enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the scaling percentage in the print dialog would be ignored.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF preview would revert to the thumbnail after metadata editing.
  • Fixed an issue where an exception could later cause crashes during auto-complete of publishers on a variety of publication types.
  • Fixed an issue where periods would be removed from website addresses/names.
  • Fixed an issue where the header in the livfe collection would not longer show.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Turn Livfe On in the preference pane would select the Livfe homepage in the source list, hide the preferences, but not show the Livfe homepage.
  • Fixed an issue where editing the name and researching during first run would lead to a crash at the next step.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for author names without the [au] qualifier in Pubmed would not return results.
  • Fixed an issue where highlights would not be correctly sorted.
  • Fixed an issue where leaving an empty library URL in combination with loading the library website at startup would lead to an alert message when starting the app.
  • Fixed an issue where merging publications would lead to loss of annotations and notes.
  • Fixed an issue with restoring PDF view settings.
  • Fixed an font issue in the exported reference list.
  • Fixed proper margins for the exported reference list.
  • Fixed a number of memory leaks.
  • Improved Crossref book chapter and conference metadata parsing.
  • Clarified instructions around contributing matching data.
  • Removed a hidden close button on the library tab.
  • Restoring a tab with a direct PDF download link will now switch to the PDF instead of asking to redownload.
  • The library URL is now erased in the preferences when the checkbox to load the library tab at startup is unchecked.
  • Added workaround to prevent Tidy related crashes when trying to import PDFs with XMP packets.
  • Added workaround to prevent auto-complete related crashes under 10.6
  • Added workaround to prevent a crash when the thumbnail executable can't be launched.
  • Added workaround to prevent a crash upon the search field gaining focus.
  • Added workaround to prevent a crash upon merging duplicates in the inspector and selecting an item in one of the popup buttons.
  • Added a better explanation why paper wants to know your location or get access to the address book.
  • Tweaked the dmg background image to make sure the bottom message is visible.

Papers for iOS

We advise to upgrade to Papers for iOS 1.9.16, this free update is available in the iTunes App Store.

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