Papers allows you to customize your reading experience in a number of ways. In this tutorial we will discuss the type of options available to you in Papers Options.

To view Papers Options:

  • Open Options from the main menu

  • Select "Papers"

Reading Papers

In this section you can select how you would like Papers to handle your documents.

  • Check the "Automatically mark papers as read" box if you would like Papers2 to recognize your opened papers immediately as having been read.
  • Check the "Display unread papers in bold" box if you would like Papers2 to indicate which documents you have not yet opened or read in papers. This may be useful to you if you import all new documents, but if you are using Papers to organize documents you have already read you may need to mark these as read manually.
  • Checking "Remember last read page" can be particularly handy if you are reading long papers in stages. Papers will remember where you last left off when you were reading any document, and will bring your right back to the page where you stopped reading. Leaving this box unchecked will always open your documents on the first page regardless of where you left off last time you opened it.
  • Checking the "Remember zoom factor" box will save you some time from manually zooming in on each document again, as Papers will remember how far you zoomed in previously and use this information to display your document the way you like to read it.

Read PDF

Next, you can determine how you would like Papers2 to open your PDF files when you decide to read them. A few options are available from the drop down menu:

  • In a new tab in Papers
  • With Adobe Reader
  • With Internet Explorer
  • With Firefox
  • In another application. You can choose to open your PDF files in another application if you wish to read it outside of Papers. If you select this option, you can choose any program on your computer capable of reading PDFs.

Drag papers as

Your selection with "Drag papers as" will determine how Papers handles your document when you copy it to the clipboard. There are several options to select from in the drop down menu:

Congratulations! You've now personalized your Papers reading experience.

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