Importing from Mendeley

You can import your library of references from other bibliographic management tools, like Mendeley.
To do this, you first need to export your library from Mendeley into a format Papers can import.

Exporting from Mendeley

  • Select all your entries in Mendeley


  • Navigate to File -> Export


  • Give your file a name. You can select what file type to save your library as, in this case we will use "BibTeX" under "save as type"


  • Click on Save

Importing to Papers

Once you have exported your entire library from Mendeley in XML format, you can import it to Papers.

  • Start Papers, and navigate to File -> Import -> BibTeX


  • Select your library file you exported earlier from Mendeley
  • Click 'import'


Your library entries will now be imported to Papers. Unfortunately, importing collections or folder information is not supported. As you are exporting it is important to select all your library entries. When only one entry is selected you might be only exporting that one entry, or you may be prompted whether you want to export the selection or the entire library.

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