Glossary of Icons in Papers2

Papers uses different icons throughout the program. This glossary will help you discover Papers more in depth, and how the icons you encounter can help keep your library organized.

#General icons Blue_dot.png - Blue dots show up next to unread documents in your library.

half_blue_dot.png - A half blue dot indicates you have opened the document and started reading it, but you may not have finished reading it yet.

warning.png - Papers detected an error, this icon is displayed when your library contains duplicates of the same paper.

citations.png - Magic Manuscripts

import_box.png - Drag and drop your publications into this importing box.

#Searching in Papers imported.png - This article has successfully been imported to your library.

#Collections manual_collection.png Manual collections: to include articles or documents into these collections you manually have to drag and drop them into the collection.

smart_collection.png Smart collections include articles and documents based on criteria you set, for example all papers with more than three stars, or all papers containing a specific keyword.

livfe_collection.png Livfe collections are those collections you create to use with Papers Livfe. You can keep these collections private and share them only with the people you invite, or you can make your collection public for all users to see and subscribe to.


address_card.png - Address card displayed next to author's names in the authors list view.

company.png - This icon is displayed in the authors list next to an institutional author or company name.

author.png - Author icon displayed next to individual authors in the authors list.

#Document types


article.png Journal Articles / reprint

magazine.png Magazine

newspaper.png Newspaper

conference.png Conference proceeding

manuscript.png Manuscript


icon_book_large.png Book /Booklet / eBook / Book Chapter

icon_script.png (New) Manuscript

icon_thesis.png Thesis / Thesis Chapter


icon_artwork_large.png Artwork

icon_painting.png Illustration / Painting

icon_map.png Map

icon_sculpture.png Sculpture

icon_chart_large.png Chart / Diagram

icon_equation_large.png Equation

icon_photo.png Figure / Photo

icon_report.png Table

icon_presentation.png Presentation

icon_poster.png Poster

icon_recording.png Broadcast / Interview

icon_movie.png Film

icon_video_large.png Video

icon_podcast.png Podcast

icon_song.png Song

icon_database.png Database

icon_grant_large.png Grants

icon_invoice.png Invoice

icon_recording.png Recording

icon_media.png Media

icon_movie.png Movie

icon_audio_large.png Audio file

icon_recipe.png Recipe

icon_capitol.png Constitution

icon_techreport.png Tech report

icon_song.png Song

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