Importing your Papers1 library to Papers2

If you are a current Papers1 user, you can easily import your Papers1 library to Papers2. When you first download Papers2, the program will recognise Papers1 is still installed. Papers2 will first ask you to import your library, or you can also opt to start a new library from scratch:


Click on update to import your Papers1 library into Papers2. If you skipped this step and started a new library but now would like to import your library after all, this can still be done as follows:

  • Open a Finder window
  • Search for your Papers2 library folder:


  • Verify that you have not added any new articles to Papers2 that were not already in Papers1. The next step is to delete your Papers2 library folder.

  • Once you have deleted your Papers2 folder, restart Papers. You should see the screen posted above where you are prompted again to import your library.

NB: if you only delete your library.papers2 folder, then Papers2 will not prompt you to re-import your Papers1 library. In this case, Papers will let you know it is unable to access the database and request you point to where it is located on your hard drive. If you are trying to transfer your data from Papers1 to Papers2, you need to delete the entire Papers2 folder including the Library.Papers2 contents.

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