Moving from Papers1 to Papers2: the Ultimate Guide

Papers2 is packed with over 100 new features. It took two years to build Papers2 from the ground up and it is a fully stand alone application from Papers1. If you are currently a Papers1 user, this guide will walk you through the steps of switching to Papers2.

Some facts about switching

  • Downloading Papers2 does not replace or remove Papers1 from your hard drive. You can test drive Papers2 without affecting the functionality of Papers1

  • Current Papers1 users qualify for a 50% discount when they upgrade to Papers2. If you purchased Papers1 after January 1st 2011, you qualify for a free upgrade. Detailed upgrade instructions for both of these cases can be found on this support page.

  • Students who purchased Papers1 with a student discount and would like to upgrade to Papers2 can do so at the 50% upgrade discount price. Unfortunately, we are not combining any student discounts with the upgrade discount.

Making the switch from Papers1 to Papers2

  • If you would like Papers2 to import your library from Papers1, do not delete Papers1 before going through the Papers2 setup process.

  • Download Papers2.

  • After installing Papers2 to your Applications folder, start Papers2. With Papers1 still installed on your system, it will recognize you as a Papers1 user and request if you would like to import your library from Papers1.

  • After importing your library, you can activate your new copy of Papers2 by following the steps outlined on this support page. If you did not receive your serial number after going through the upgrade process, you can send us an email with your Paypal receipt. Make sure you set the category to "Registrations" so we can sort it out as soon as possible.

  • Now you are ready to start enjoying Papers2! After verifying your library was imported successfully from Papers1, you can choose to delete Papers1 from your system. You can of course also keep it if you would like to. Papers2 works entirely independently from Papers1, so the two libraries will not be synced with each other.

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