Retrieve your Console log

Are you experiencing issues with Papers on your Mac?

Before you request support, follow the instructions below to retrieve your Console log. This log can then be included with your support request. Including this log gives us a better idea of what exactly is going on and helps give you a quicker response. It's even more helpful if you enable "Verbose logging" under Help>Troubleshooting. To turn this on, simply select "Verbose logging" and it will then be check marked.You can request support from the Papers Team online through Papers (Help>Troubleshooting>Send Feedback) or via email ( at any time.

Turn on verbose logging


Search "console" in spotlight


Open Console

Search for 'Papers' related messages, at your desired time-point


Save your log



If you are currently running Papers 3 on a Mac OS Sierra, you can "select all" the log, copy and then send it to us.

Read How to Make the Most of Papers Support then get in touch, and don't forget to include Console log.

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