Livfe is a powerful new way in which you can share papers with other users across the world (or across the hall), exchange ideas, and collaborate.

To start using Livfe, make sure the function is turned on in your Preferences.

Livfe is located in the "My Research" section of Papers2:


When you installed Papers2, you were prompted to complete a profile for Livfe. If you skipped this step, or even if you didn't, you can still add or change your profile in Livfe. We will go over how you can edit your Livfe profile in this tutorial.

Changing/adding your profile information

To begin, simply click on "Update your profile":


This will open a new window where you can input your information.


To add or change your name, simply click on the "first name" or "last name" in the little ID card on the left side.

You can also add information about your affiliation, and your bio, to your Livfe profile.

You can also select some keywords that describe your research interest. To do so, click on the keywords text box and a new window will appear where you can do a search for commonly used keywords. If a keyword is not found, you can always add it to your list by clicking on the "Add" button at the bottom.


Changing/adding your profile picture

Personalize your profile even further with a profile picture! To add a picture, double-click on the picture holder on the ID card.


A new window opens where you can either choose a picture from your file, or you can snap a picture with your computer's camera.
Once you select an image, you can move it around in the image field, zoom in or out, and when you are satisfied simply click on "set" to save your picture


Now you are finished setting up or editing your Livfe profile!

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