Papers Livfe makes collaborating easy. Share your collection of articles with your peers, and comment on your own library with Livfe reviews.

From Livfe you can write reviews of any article, and your thoughts are immediately shared with other Livfe users. An important point to remember is that Livfe Reviews are public, and being aware of this before writing might be important to you. Consider that other users will be reading your comments and formulate your reviews with this in mind.

Although by default your reviews are visible to everyone, you can mark it as private if you want to keep your thoughts and notes just to yourself.

Creating a Livfe review

  • To create a Livfe review, simply select an article you would like to review and the information for this article will appear in the inspector window.

  • Just below the article title, you see an option "Add your review".


  • When you click on this, a new window will pop up where you can share your thoughts on this particular entry. If you want to keep your review private and invisible to others, make sure you check the 'keep private' option at the bottom of the window:


  • Once created, you can still edit your review by clicking on it, or by clicking on the quotation marks to the bottom right side of the review in your inspector window. This way, you can also change the status of your review from private to public if you wish.


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