There are different ways of adding new documents to your Papers library. When you are not importing papers directly from a repository using the Search function, for instance when dragging and dropping them to Papers in the Dock, you may not see any meta-data displayed in the inspector window for the paper. This is where the Papers2 matching function comes into play!

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use the matching function to find and automatically add to the metadata available for your articles. Having a complete record of the metadata will help you find any file in your growing library, regardless of what tiny detail about the article you can remember when you can't recall the title or author.

Matching a paper

  • Once you imported a paper and would like to match it to extract the meta data from a repository, start by selecting the paper in question in your library.

  • Click on Paper -> Match to Repository, from the menu:


  • Papers will now open a search window in which you can select which repositories to use for matching.


  • When you select a block of text from the article preview at the top of the application, a small window pops up from which you can select whether the text belongs to the title, authors list, etc.


  • Check if the article you are trying to match corresponds to any of the records returned from the search.

  • If you double click on the record that matches your article (carefully ensure you are selecting the correct record!), Papers2 automatically imports all the available meta data for your article. You can also click on the Match button below the search results to match the article.

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