Pro Tip: Selecting the year rather than an exact date when editing an entry (Papers2)

When editing an entry sometimes it's only necessary to put in the year rather than the exact date. This tutorial will walk you through how to do this and also how to make this the default. In this example I'll be working with the 'Published' field however this can also be applied to the other date fields.

##Editing the year only

  • To edit a selected document click on 'Edit' in the bottom right corner.


  • Click on 'Published', which will turn grey when you hover your mouse over it.


  • You'll now be given a number of options for the date format. Click on 'Year Only'


  • Now you can put in the year of publication


##Making 'Year Only' the default

Rather than making this another preference, we made that something that will be remembered if you keep changing the entry type using the popup menu. If you enter this 5 times it will set that as your default (the next time you start editing in the inspector).

To make this your default straight away just change that 5 times in a row on one entry (you can simply select the same menu item 5 times on the same date, even if it's already set), then save the edit, then edit again, you should see all the date entries set by default to the 'year only' format.

This is a feature that was released with Papers 2.0.5 so if this isn't working make sure you are updated to the latest version.

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