Citations makes it easy for you to reference the documents you have collected in your Papers 3 library and quickly generate a bibliography.

Citations uses the metadata for each article to build your references. In Papers, this information is listed under the "i" icon (Mac) or "info" tab (Windows). Here, you can view and edit key details such as author, journal, and year.

Once you have the desired details, it's just a matter of choosing your style. The styles in Papers come directly from the official CSL repository. Currently, the CSL library has over 7000 styles available for your use.

Use the Citations tool

By default, Citations is automatically enabled. Follow the instructions below to begin using the Citations tool.

Insert citations and format your bibliography using Papers 3 for Mac, Papers 3 for Windows, or Papers 3 for iOS.

Modify Citations to best fit your manuscript

Citations is a very powerful tool that can be made even more powerful by using modifiers. Our modifiers are independent of both platform (Mac or Windows) and text editor, and are outlined here.

Troubleshoot Citations

If you're having difficulty using Citations, please consult our troubleshooting article.