You will love reading articles in full-screen mode in Papers. Every pixel on your screen is used for your article, and you can't get distracted by other programs.

Any selected article can be opened in full-screen mode directly by using the keyboard shortcut shift+command+F, while you exit full-screen mode again with the esc key. While reading full-screen, you will can use the following commands as well:

  • Shift+Command+F: Opens articles in full-screen mode
  • esc: Closes full-screen mode
  • +: Zoom in
  • -: Zoom out
  • 0: Maximizes your screen real estate by fitting the pages to the screen. You can still zoom in further using "+"
  • 1: Papers displays one page at a time on your screen
  • 2: Papers displays two pages at a time on your screen
  • N: Pulls up a window for you to take notes, which will be saved with your article
  • Space: view next part of page which is out of view
  • Shift+Space: View last part of page which is out of view