Citations for Papers 2 for Mac

Papers helps you organize your work in progress with a dedicated space for your manuscripts. As soon as you insert a citation in any document, it is automatically saved to My Manuscripts under My Research in Papers.

Papers has a build in reference manager with compatibility for any application you can imagine. Cite in web browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, or presentations. If a document is saved and you add a citation, it is automatically added to My Manuscripts.

If you are using Magic Citations with Scrivener, we made a separate tutorial dedicated to it.

The videos below show how you can use Magic Citations in Pages and Word, although you can insert citations in many other applications as well.

To view this content in a browser, use the links below:
Magic Citations using Word:

Using Magic Citations with Word:

If you are asked to remove field codes from a submitted manuscript you created using citations, you can follow the instructions we have posted in this knowledge base article

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