Collections are a great way to keep all your research organized in Papers for iPad. Although you can organise your collections on Papers 3 for Mac and then sync collections to your iPad, you can also do this directly on your iPad.

1. Creating a new collection

To create a new collection, you will first need to tap the collections icon at the top of the screen


  • On the iPad, just tap the + icon in the top left to add a new collection.


-On the iPhone you first need to tap "edit" then tap the + icon.


  • Now you can name your collection. You can also choose the location of the collection if you have existing collections you wish to place the new collection inside of.


2. Moving papers to collections - iPad

  • This process differs between the iPhone and iPad. To move a paper into a collection on the iPad hold your finger on the article in the library view for a moment, then release it. This will take you through to view where you can horizontally scroll through your library.

In the center of the blue bar at the top of the screen it will either state "Not filed" or the name(s) of the collection(s) the article appears in.


Once you tap this you will be able to file your article in your desired collections by clicking this + icon.


2. Moving papers to collections - iPhone

On the iPhone there's less space to play with, so to add an article to collection is slightly different. First tap the "edit" button in the main library view.


Then select one or more articles you wish to move to a particular collection or set of collection.


Once you've tapped "add to collection" you can choose which collections to add the article(s) to. Then tap "Apply" to confirm.