Setting up Watch Folders in ReadCube Desktop (legacy)

Note: a brand new version of the ReadCube Papers desktop app for OS X and Windows will be available soon!

Users are able to task ReadCube Desktop (legacy) with monitoring specific folders for new additions using the "Watched Folders" function. This function is meant for users who frequently download articles either from e-mails or other online sources who would like to automatically import those articles into their ReadCube library.

Our watched folders feature can be found under your preferences menu by selecting the "general" tab.  It allows you to select various folders on your computer that your ReadCube application will then monitor for new PDF files.  Whenever you add new PDFs to a folder ReadCube is watching, those PDFs will immediately be added to ReadCube and then indexed.  This means that if you set your default downloads folder for your browser of choice as a watched folder and if you have sync enabled, ReadCubes will automatically pull new additions to your library and move them onto our cloud sync service!

As soon as you select a folder, it will immediately begin importing and indexing all new PDF additions to your library.  If you would like ReadCube Papers to sort these articles into lists based on the folders they are a part of, make sure you check the box under your settings that reads "Create lists during import based on article folders."  This will ensure that henceforth all articles imported via the watched folders function will default to your specified lists, ensuring that you don't lose track of new content you download.  

If you have any questions about this feature, please let us know directly at!

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