What features does ReadCube Pro Have? Why should I get ReadCube Pro?

The following features come with a ReadCube Pro subscription:

1.) Cloud Sync & Unlimited Cloud Storage

ReadCube's most prominent Pro feature is Cloud Sync, which allows our users to take their library and store it on an online database.  Storing your articles here serves several purposes - it allows you to back up your library in case your computer crashes and you lose access to your articles/annotations, it allows you to move your library between multiple computers and keep that library updated between machines, and it allows for annotation on multiple devices and synchronization of those notes.  

2.) Advanced Article Metrics

Advanced metrics are a helpful way to see the impact of an article and it's connections to other works across the scholarly ecosystem. Metrics are available throughout the app. You can find a dedicated metrics tab as a sidebar option when in your library view. You can also see citation and metrics listed when viewing articles in our enhanced PDF reader. Advanced metrics include citation counts, relative citation ratio (RCR), Altmetric score and contextual citations (context how other others cited particular papers in your library)

3.) #Tagging

In addition to creating lists and nested sublists to organize your library, you can now add one or more searchable tags to any reference. To create a tag, just type a hashtag - e.g. #journal-club - in the Notes field in the right panel, under the abstract. Hashtags can contain dashes or periods.

4.) Advanced File Management

Automatically sort and rename your imported PDFs according to the article's metadata, such as author names, publication year and journal. The settings can be found in the Preferences section of the app - click on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the app, and then the "File Management" tab.

5.) The "watched folders" feature

Under your preferences menu (the gear in the bottom left), navigate to the "ReadCube Pro" tab.  Here, you will find a list of "Watched Folders" that can be edited at any time.  Folders on this list will be searched by ReadCube whenever you start the program up for any additions.  If there any PDF's that weren't there before, they will automatically be added to your library.

6.) SmartCite for Word (Mac & PC) & Word Online

ReadCube’s Word-compatible citation tool makes writing your next paper a breeze. SmartCite is fast, easy-to-use, supports over 8000+ styles and most importantly, makes it easy to collaborate on documents with colleagues.

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