How to Enable Scrolling on Lenovo Laptops in ReadCube Desktop

Users of Lenovo laptops may have noticed that the Trackpoint middle scroll button doesn’t work with many new applications. Here are advanced instructions for enabling the Thinkpad mouse driver to work with many popular applications, such as ReadCube:

IMPORTANT: Be very careful making these changes – incorrectly applying these settings may cause problems with your computer. Only advanced users should proceed.

  • Locate the file “tp4table.dat” on your computer. Some common locations:
    • c:\Program Files\Lenovo\Trackpoint\tp4table.dat c:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\tp4table.dat
  • Open Notepad as Administrator (right-click Notepad on the start menu and choose “Run as Administrator”)
  • Choose File > Open > and browse to the file you found in the first step
  • Add the following lines of text to create a rule to enable scrolling in ReadCube:
  • ReadCube ,,readcube.exe,,,*,WheelStd,0,9
  • Save and exit notepad
  • Restart your computer

Note, this hack also works with iTunes, Picasa, and may other popular programs.

Thanks to the members of the Thinkpad community forums for this tip!

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