What if I want to obtain a print/savable version the article?

You can purchase the regular article PDF on the publisher's article page or login via your proxy if you think you have access to the article through your institution. For some publishers such as Wiley, PDF purchasing can be done with the "Get Access" button in the top toolbar of the shared article.

Where are my annotations saved?

When you make annotations in the Web Reader, we save them to your ReadCube library. You will need to register (so you can view them should you sign in from another device later). Registration takes only a minute.

What does "Add to Library" mean? Am I saving the full-text article?

By clicking "Add to Library" saves the full-text version as a cloud article - yours to read in perpetuity - and enables offline and mobile viewing. You will need to login to create a ReadCube account.

How to I get back to the shared article page?

You can bookmark this page in your browser to easy get back to the is article at any time. You can come back to this page as many times as you want.

Additional information can be found on the publishers' Content Sharing FAQ pages:

Springer Nature.


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