ReadCube's Cloud Sync allows users to sync their library available on multiple devices. 

If you use ReadCube on two different computers and make edits to your library on both machines, our Cloud Sync will allow you to transfer notes, highlights, lists and comments from device to device.  

To sync, first check to make sure you have a reliable internet connection and then navigate to your preferences menu.  From here, click on the "ReadCube" tab and begin your ReadCube trial, then press the "sync now" button.  This will begin the "upsync" process (the sync that uploads your library to the cloud) - you can monitor this process by looking at the progress bar that appears under the [account] tab.  Once finished, log into ReadCube on another device with the same account details and hit the sync button to begin the "downsync" process (the sync that downloads your library from the cloud), and watch as your library appears!

Does ReadCube sync any updates to my library automatically?

ReadCube will automatically sync as you make changes to your library.  If you want to make sure (just for peace of mind) that all changes have been synced, use the button displayed above.

What if I have two versions of my library on different devices?

So long as you are using the same ReadCube account on both devices, combining libraries is a very simple process. Simple complete the sync process on one device, then sync on the device which has the second library. These two libraries will then combine on the cloud to make one master library. Sync again back on the first machine, and you should have the same library on both devices.

How much does  cost?

Cloud Sync is just one of the features of ReadCube which is available on an annual subscription. A 30-day trial is available - just go to your Account page and choose to select start trial.

Is there a storage limit on my ReadCube Library?

There is no storage limit on how large your synced library can be, however, larger libraries will take much longer to both sync up and down from our cloud server.

What operating systems can I sync across?

You will be able to sync your library from any Windows (Vista or higher), Mac (10.6+), or mobile device (Apple and Android). You can also do this cross-platform (if you have an iMac at work and Windows 8.1 machine at home, they should function without issue).