It's easy to upload any existing PDF articles into your ReadCube library. You can drag and drop PDF files directly into your ReadCube screen or you can click the upload button (top right corner) and select PDFs from your desktop. 

You can also easily import existing libraries from other reference managers. Please see specific instructions below:

1. Export a copy of your library. 


Go to the File menu - Export. Select XML as a file type and "Show All Fields" as the output style. Choose either "Export Selected References" or uncheck to export your entire EndNote library.


First select the reference(s) that you want to export. Go to the file menu - Export. Select "EndNote XML" as the file type.


Go to the File menu - Export Library. Select "EndNote XML" as the file type. You can choose to import Notes and Files, which can be imported into ReadCube.

Reference Manager: 

Go to File menu - Export. Select "RIS" as file type. 


Select the folder you want to export. Go to References - Export. Select Bibliographic Software as export format and click on "Export References". A new tab will open. Save page as a .txt file. Find file on your desktop and update extension to be .ris


Go to the File menu - Export Library. Select "EndNote XML" as the file type.

2. Next you'll need to drag that library file into ReadCube. If your export file is in xml format, you will need to use the ReadCube Desktop to import. If you have a a .ris/.bib library file, you can import through both our desktop and web app). 

3. Import PDFs associated with those references for articles to be merged with the imported references from step 2.


  • Your folder structure from your old reference manager will not carry over. That data is not included in export files. To keep your library structure, create a new list in ReadCube using the + icon in the lower left part of the screen and export contents of specific folders from your original reference manager using the steps above. 
  • ReadCube automatically identifies all the meta-data from the PDF. In some cases where references are missing pubmed id's or doi's, you may see duplicates. Please contact us for assistance if you notice a high number of duplicate files. 

If you have any difficulties or any questions - please drop us an email at: