The ReadCube Uploader is a mini app for your computer that lets you easily import your PDF library into your ReadCube account. Once your PDFs are uploaded, they will be available for syncing on any ReadCube apps (Mac/Windows, iOS, Android) and your ReadCube library (

Please note - uploading, storage and syncing of PDFs in ReadCube requires a subscription or Teams membership.

The Uploader is easy to use:

1)  Download the appropriate installation file for you computer, and double-click to run it. Follow any installation instructions.


Windows 32 bit:

Windows 64 bit:

2)  Start the app, and log in with your ReadCube account.

3)  Simply drag in the PDF files that you want to import. Folders of PDFs can also be dragged in. Any non-PDF files will be skipped.

4)  Select the list(s) to import into. A new list can also be created by clicking the bottom "New List" button.

5)  Once the import has started, you will see a list of the selected PDFs and the upload status. After a file has been uploaded, a checkmark will be shown next to it.

6)  Simply drag in any additional PDFs (repeat steps 3-5) you wish you import. The previously selected destination list(s) will remain selected for these additional imports by default but can be changed for any import batch.

7)  To view your uploaded files, go to your ReadCube library ( Please note, when importing large numbers of PDFs at once, extra time may be required for us to fully resolve and identify the references. If the resolutions are not completed after uploading, please be patient and check again later (usually completed within an hour).

8)  Your uploaded cloud references are also fully sync-able to the other ReadCube apps (Mac/Windows, iOS, Android).

The Uploader app will automatically check for updates, which are downloaded automatically in the background. If you get a message about an available update, please restart the app to install it.

If you have questions or encounter any issues with this app, please write us at